2 Days in a Secret Heaven: Mae Hong Son

2 Days in a Secret Heaven: Mae Hong Son

Hidden away from the world this heavenly place was not known to the tourism industry until the 1980s. Mae Hong Son a province to the north of Thailand closer to the boundary that separates Burma. It is a well preserved natural treasure. It is a secret get away into the deep jungle spread across a wide range of mountains and valleys.

Long Tailed Boat RideToday much to your surprise Mae Hong Son has a growing tourism friendly environment that hasn’t yet taken away its arcane beauty.  Enjoy lunch at local restaurant this place has to offer amazing Shan,Thai and even Western dishes. Try out the Khao Soi, Burmese green tea salad, gai soup, or the green curry.

Long Neck Karen Village

A long tailed boat will then take you through the Pai River into the village of Long Neck Karen women. These women are made to wear tiers of bronze rings around their neck since the age of 5 which makes their neck long and thin. It is considered an attractive feature in women by the Karen tribe. These villagers offer you a warm welcoming in their part of world. These simple people live an extraordinary or rather colorful life through their language, customs, clothing, and spiritual beliefs. The mix of Burmese and Thai cultures are evident in this border hill tribe. At night savor the eastern delicacies in the arms of these heavenly mountains.

Fresh Market Mae Hong SonThe sun rises much earlier in this part of the world and brings a dewy dawn with the promise of a golden future. With the rising sun rise the local people and their morning hustle to set up the local fresh market. Witness the chaos of local life and breathe in the aroma of fresh vegetation.

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Moo Temple

Next we visit the famous Wat Phra That Doi Kong Moo Temple on the hill. Situated on top of the Kong Mu hill it is the oldest landmark in Mae Hong Son province and can be seen from anywhere in town. The temple has two Burmese-style chedi, the larger of which was built in 1860, and contains the relics of Phra Moggalana, one of the disciples of the Buddha. The smaller chedi was erected in 1874 by the first governor of Mae Hong Son, Phraya Singhanat Raja. We then continue on to visit Wat Jong Kham and Wat Jong Klang, perfect Burmese-style temples located waterside on the lake.  With this spiritual ending the ‘Secrets of Mae Hong Son 2 Days 1 Night’ trip to also comes to an end but the mesmerizing experiences will sure be carried ahead with you forever.

Wat Jong KhamHighlights

  • Mae Hong Son – Lunch local – Long Tailed Boat ride along Pai River
  • Visit to the village of – Long Neck Karen (infamous for the bronze rings around women’s neck)
  • Dinner in mountains
  • Visit a local fresh market
  • Religious relics @ Wat Phra That Doi Kong Moo temple
  • Wat Jong Kham – Wat Jong Klang

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