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Mekong Quest Vietnam

The Land of Mystery and History: Mekong Quest @ Vietnam

Vietnam is a country with dynamic history and rich heritage. The Mekong quest tour starts with the Ho Chi Minh City also known as ‘Saigon’ the fallen capital. It is called the fallen capital because it was the capital of the French colony and later of the independent republic of South Vietnam from 1955 to 1975. Visit the stunning architecture at both the Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as its infamous Central Post Office.  As in most of the countries Vietnam too has its own china town, it is called Read more [...]

3 Most Memorable Days In The ‘Siem’

Enter the world of exotic Far East! Cambodia has so far been a mystery to world. Cocooned away in rich natural resources this small country has evolved with time to catch up with globalization. Thus its is a tourist’s dream, as the beautiful east meets affluent west. The moment you arrive at Siem Reap Airport, you will be introduce to the hospitable Cambodians and their mouthwatering cuisine as you get chauffeured to the best luxury hotels. Food clams the body, but travel is about calming the Read more [...]