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Death Railway River Kwai

Correcting the Past: Memorable River Kwai

If watching ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ has created any impact on your minds then the Full Day TFU tour ‘Memorable River Kwai’ will make a lot of impression. Popular for its World War II history, River Kwai has given birth to war tourism in Thailand. The river originates in Tenasserim Hills. It flows the length of 380 kilometers and is one of Thailand’s most historic rivers. The bridge on this river which supports the Thai-Burma Death Rail echoes the harsh realities of World War II. It Read more [...]
City Tour Hanoi

The Everlasting Impressions of Vietnamese Vacation

While planning a trip, we always make a conscious effort to plan out of the box trips, vacations that create a mesmerizing impression on our minds. Hence Tours for U has brought you ‘Impressions of Vietnam’ which is a 6 Days-5 Nights trip that begins at the capital city of Hanoi.       As you land in this historical city, you are transported to a lavish multi star hotel. Get comfortable, rejuvenate yourselves and get ready for an afternoon of historical exploration. Hanoi reveals itself Read more [...]
Floating Market

Stride your way through Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Rose Garden

Bangkok has not always been the kind of glamorous city it is today. A day tour in Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and the Rose Garden will prove it. Experience the old Bangkok that was lined with canals and small village traders. Damnoen saduak was originally a canal dug during the reign of King Rama IV. During that time transportation was largely done through rivers and canals. This canal connects the Taachin River in Samutsakorn Province and Maklong River in Samutsongkram Province together. Major Read more [...]
Sunset at Bakheng Hill

Shadows of Far East: Cambodia Sensation

Cambodia is one of those nations where visa on arrival is available. The last thing one wants after a long flight is migration formalities. Experience the extreme hospitality of Cambodians as one of our members assists you in the formalities, so that you can enjoy the arrival. After completing the immigration, arrive at the multi star hotel, offering wide range of services. Unpack, Destress and get ready to experience a sensational trip in the Spectacular Cambodia. The sunset at Bakheng Hill, a Read more [...]
Cruising the Paradise of Vietnam

Cruising the Paradise of Vietnam

When I imagine a vacation in Vietnam, I imagine exotic food, floating markets, over enthusiastic people and lots of colors and lots of weird exotic experiences.  I am pretty sure that if you imagine this too, you won’t be disappointed. Enter the ‘Land of blue dragon’ as it is famously called. The tour starts from the capital city ‘Hanoi’ also the birth place of Vietnamese independence. It is a beautiful city with tree lined roads and several parks.  One of such tree lined roads will Read more [...]
Happy Friendship Day

While Everyone Is Busy Counting the Number of Stones, True Friends Are Busy Changing the Stones into Diamonds

Travel is a gift to mankind. Unfortunately we have underestimated its value and its potential to bring us all possible forms of happiness. Travel gives us knowledge, memorable experiences, success, peace and much more. But what travel truly gives us is a true friend. Our fellow travelers quite obviously become our friends but more than that as a traveler sometimes we meet people, hosts who give us a glimpse of their life, who shower us with their hospitality for nothing in return but a promise of Read more [...]