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Happy World Tourism Day

Travel is enrichment for soul; Happy World Tourism Day!

A small bird when unborn thinks the egg is his world. When hatched thinks the nest is his world; but it is when he learns to soar in the wide skies, his definition of world completely changes. Travel broadens our horizons and opportunities. Travel nourishes our mind and soul.  It is not a luxury for the select few; in fact it is the passion and sole reason to live for many. Bring back the romance and adventure in your life; bring back the life in your days. Tours for U urges you to take that step Read more [...]
Happy Lantern Festival

Brighten Your Lives with the Lanterns of Love

China is home to the mesmerizing Lantern Festival. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month of the Chinese New Year. This day is celebrated as the last day of New Year celebrations. This festival is celebrated by lighting paper lanterns at the night fall and releasing them into the sky. The spectacular view is breath taking of thousands and millions of dimly light lanterns flooding the sky with their pleasant aura. The lanterns come in different shapes and sizes and embellishments. Some Read more [...]
Amphawa Rural Life

A Dreamy Escape @ Amphawa

Embrace a rural Thailand that is unlike Bangkok, bustling not on the city tunes. Amphawa cherises a life that is influenced by canals as it is located at the northwestern tip of Bay of Bangkok. Reach this little village not far from the chaos of Bangkok yet sustaining a calmer lifestyle, in a private shuttle from Bangkok. Once here our first stop is at the Mahachai market, Thailand’s largest sea food market. The fishermen boast of their   but visitors can find much more than seafood. The market Read more [...]
Hanoi Vietnam

Around Vietnam in 10 days!

Ho Chi Minh City formerly called as Saigon, was the capital city of Vietnam during the French colonisation and later during independent republic of South Vietnam from 1955–75. This historic city has a lot to offer from tourism point of view; for instance the History Museum and Presidential Palace or the Palace of Reunification which was also a former residence of the French governor and President of the Republic of South Vietnam. From here we head to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a red brick building Read more [...]