Floating Market and River Kwai

A Floating Day Into The Bygone Era

Its tropical location has blessed Thailand with abundance of natural resource especially water. The country is carved by canals and rivers. It is evident through history that humanity has always settled near water sources and exploited its full potential. The floating markets of Bangkok are the perfect prototype of that. Long slender boats are rowed around by farmers, merchants and buyers in the narrow canals. It is as good as any bustling chaotic market with an only difference that it’s on water, hence the name floating market. Floating Market From basic goods like fish, fruits and vegetables to more refined products like artistry, handicrafts, souvenirs and everything in between is sold in this market. The Asian specialty like spices, clothes, silk products can also be seen here.  This has been an age old traditional way of keeping the trade alive in South Asian nations. During olden time farmers had only one way of selling their goods and that was by travelling through the course of rivers from one village to other.

Floating Market Thailand

Today it has become an interesting tourist location. For westerners it reminds them the site of Venice. Along these markets are floating house boats and raised homes that give a glimpse at the lifestyle of the farmers and traders on water.

Death Railway River KwaiFloating Market and River Kwai is a full day trip to the most colorful market and then continues to the Bridge on the River Kwai. The bridge shot to fame through the Hollywood cinema ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’. Adjoining is the Cemetery of Allied Prisoners who perished while building the notorious Death Railway during captivity in World War II.  Visit and pay homage to the martyrs and relive the history within the safe confinements of memories that the locals preserve.

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