Adventures of ‘Little Tuscany’ of Thailand

Adventures of ‘Little Tuscany’ of Thailand

Dubbed as the “Little Tuscany” Chiang Dao is a small district in northern Thailand. Surrounded by green valleys and mountains Chiang Dao is a cradle of Mother Nature. The name means “City of Stars”, its earlier name Piang Dao meant “at the level of the stars”. The high altitude and clear skies is probably the reason for such a beautiful description. The limestone peaks reach a height of 2,186 m (7,174 ft) make Chiang Dao an impressive area and stand true to its name. The quaint villagers live a relaxed lifestyle in this quiet little picturesque area. This place itself has such an aura that no matter what people are tourists are forced to leave behind all the stress and hassles of their life.   Chiang Dao elephant Camp Chiang Dao has a lot of options for explorations. In our tour we start with an Elephant Camp with show and ride. Watch the big elephants bath and eat while the baby elephants play and frolic. It is a very open natural atmosphere where the mahouts teach the elephants simple things like walk in line walk in pair etc. post this hop on one such elephant and take a leisurely ride around the jungle.

Bamboo Rafting Chiang MaiNext we venture into the hilly tribes to understand the exotic lifestyle of Asian tribes. With a help of a Bamboo rafting we visit popular tribes like Karen, Lisu, Ahka.

Akha Tribes Lisu

Next up is the Chiang Dao caves and Buddhist Temple and sanctuary. It is situated 70 kms north of Chiang Mai. It consist of over 100 caves extending up to  10-12 km inside the mountain range but only five main caves are open to the public. In some places one has to quit walking and literally crawl through small openings and then clamber into large caverns.  These caves are home to many shrines, statues and images of Buddha and numerous natural formations of limestone and crystal.  So come along this adventure.Chiang Dao CavesHighlights

  • Chiang Dao Elephant Camp with show / ride
  • Bamboo rafting Karen / Lisu / Ahka Tribes
  • Chiang Dao Caves
  • Seafood Lunch

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