Zipline Adventure in Chiang Mai

At Top of The World With Gibbons

Thailand is blessed with abundance of nature. This nature is also well preserved and utilized. Chiang Mai province is one of Thailand’s metropolitan cities and one of Asia’s top cities to live in. with all the city hustle in between it is truly magical at its borders. It is bordered by beautiful mountains at its north. Sleep is important but we promise you a time of your life if you sacrifice your sleep and get early for a day. Make the best of your life on this day. Amidst the thick rainforest is the zip-line activity monitored and conducted by professional adventurers. So strap on and get ready to soar through the sky atop 50 meter tall trees. This is not just a crazy mad rush that you get from a physical thrill, but as you zip through the forest canopy you are assisted by a trained group leader. This leader will enrich your experience by giving informative knowledge of various fauna and flora of the tropical rainforest.

Flight of the GibbonThis activity is named as the flight of the gibbons, as you can spot gibbons traversing along the canopy with you. Also 10% of their proceeds are donated toward gibbon conservation and rainforest rehabilitation. Flight of the Gibbon is your best bet if you are searching for an action packed and fun filled day trip. Physical exercise, mesmerizing views, and lots of happiness is guaranteed in this Thailand Jaunt.

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