Bienvenue Au Paradee

Bienvenue au Paradee: come see the paradise!

Paradise is the most rightly put description for Thailand. With changing times Thailand has moved on to become a well equipped modern nation yet deep rooted in its values and cultural. Land on the one the most bustling and famous cities in world, Bangkok. Travel past the city skyline and reach Shangri-La Hotel. Quite like its name it’s a heavenly place almost out of a lifestyle magazine. Recover from travel fatigue by lounging at the riverside pool or while strolling in the picturesque gardens.

Grand Palace Bangkok Temple of Emerald Buddha

The tour begins next morning with a visit to the Grand Palace and Temple of Emerald Buddha, the most revered temple in the country. Post the ingestion of spirituality it’s time to appease your appetite and senses with a stunning lunch in a restaurant by the river. Then take yourself to the Oasis Spa Salon, one of the most beautiful in the city. Enjoy one hour aromatherapy massage before the tantalizing dinner.

Aromatherapy MassageOur third day starts exceptionally early as on we board on a rice barge and travel around in it for two whole days. As we sail through, we reach the Temple Of Dawn, first built in the 17 century and then restored by the 19th century kings. This temple worships the sun god.  Delicious thai lunch is served on board before we reach our next stop, Wat Bang Na, yet another pagoda and a sit out to watch mesmerizing sunsets. Back on the rice barge canapés are unrolled and cocktails are shaken to welcome you for a tradition thai dinner and and a starry night stay onboard.

Traditional Thai DinnerWake up to a pleasant morning on board and get ready to make offerings to the monks of Wat Bang Na and tour the temple. Return for breakfast on board. Up next the cruise heads to ancient capital of Ayutthaya where we visit Wat Pananchoeng, a monastery housing the oldest Buddha image. Binge on the lunch on board. Though a private car reach the ancient capital and spend an afternoon discovering charm of Ayutthaya. Once again hop on the rice barge- Anantara Song waiting at Bang Pa In with Cocktails, traditional Thai Dinner and a starry night.

Bangkok Anantara Song CruiseOn fifth day after a breakfast on boat we unload to visit Wat Nivet Thamprawat, and most exciting, Crafts Center at Bang Sai. This is also where we finally bid a goodbye to this amazing cruise and venture into Bang Sai Village. Here you will see the culture of silk flowers, hand-weaving of cotton and silk, dyeing, carving, miniature dolls etc. enjoy a local lunch in Ayutthaya before heading to Kirimaya in Khao Yai, located in rich nature, near Khao Yai National Park. This is also where you get to stay in a daring mountain lodge.

Khao Yai National Park Khao Yai National Park

Wake to birds chirping and animals grazing. After a wonderful mountain lodge breakfast, get ready to explore this National Park. This is one of the most beautiful national parks of Thailand, where thousands of plants and an impressive number of animals dot the jungle landscape. Enjoy a nice Picnic lunch. And enjoy free time in nature before return to the jungle hotel for an evening tea and late dinner.Ayutthaya Wat Niwet Thamprawat TempleNext up is to drive down to the southern gulf coast which is just a few hours on the other side of Bangkok. When you reach the pier of Ban Phae, you will see a private speedboat awaiting you to take you to the beautiful and exclusive Paradee Resort on the southern tip of Samed Island. This is an ideal romantic destination with “Sunset bar” cocktails and a beautiful ocean view.

Paradee Resort Samed Island Ban Phae Private Speed Boat Ride

Koh Samed is one of the most beautiful tips of Thailand, pristine beaches clear blue waters and open skies have blessed this place. After a relaxing and blissful morning with great breakfast, enjoy your day at this island with leisure and a relaxing afternoon in the spa. Spend your time in retrospection of the vacation in blissful nature before its time to head back to reality.

Alms Food Wat PananchoengPackage Highlights:

  • Grand Palace
  • 1 hr. aroma massage
  • Cruise to Ayutthaya
  • Alms food – Wat Pananchoeng
  • Cocktails on cruise
  • Traditional Thai Dinner @ High tea at hotel
  • Wat Niwet Thamprawat – Bang sai (Crafts Center- hand-woven cotton and silk, dyeing, carving, dolls, etc)
  • Khao Yai National Park
  • Ban Phae – Private speed boat ride
  • Sunset bar cocktail

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