Happy Lantern Festival

Brighten Your Lives with the Lanterns of Love

Lantern FestivalChina is home to the mesmerizing Lantern Festival. It is celebrated on the 15th day of the 1st month of the Chinese New Year. This day is celebrated as the last day of New Year celebrations. This festival is celebrated by lighting paper lanterns at the night fall and releasing them into the sky. The spectacular view is breath taking of thousands and millions of dimly light lanterns flooding the sky with their pleasant aura. The lanterns come in different shapes and sizes and embellishments. Some have the traditional dragon paintings, nature scenery or dancers drawn on it.  Some lanterns even have riddles on them which the children carry at night to temples and solve.

Lantern Fairs are held all over the country. It’s pretty much like a carnival. Lion dance is performed, in which performers dress up as lines and perform tricks. One person wears the head gear and other wears the animal’s body suit. Dancers walking on sticks perform a tall routine.

Happy Lantern FestivalThere are many different stories defining the origin of Lantern festival. The most dominantly believed reason is to cultivate positive relationships amongst people, nature and a higher being that is believed to be responsible for bringing light to earth.

According to an ancient Chinese legend lantern festival is celebrated to worship and please Taiyi, the God of Heaven. Taiyi controlled the destiny of the human world. He had sixteen dragons who religiously obeyed him. He could inflict drought, storms, famine or pestilence upon human beings as per his will. Hence the first emperor of China, who also is responsible for the naming China, Qinshihuang, ordered splendid ceremonies each year praying Taiyi to bring favorable weather and good health to him and his people.

No matter what the reason is, we believe one does not require a reason to celebrate such a beautiful festival. So here we are at ToursForU.com, urging you to visit us during the lantern festival and be blessed with a prosperous and enlightening life. Happy Lantern Festival!!

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