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Heritage of Siam

Heritage of Siam: Magical Experience in the East.

Thailand can be best described as a mixing bowl, comprising of the new and old, west and east, glamour and tradition. Thailand is known for its beaches, nightlife in cities and of course the famous heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.        On the 1st day of this Thailand Odyssey begin with the most famous Thai heritage site, the lost city of Ayutthaya. It was the capital province of ancient Thailand known as Siam. This glorious province attracted foreign traders from across the globe. The Read more [...]
2 Days in a Secret Heaven: Mae Hong Son

2 Days in a Secret Heaven: Mae Hong Son

Hidden away from the world this heavenly place was not known to the tourism industry until the 1980s. Mae Hong Son a province to the north of Thailand closer to the boundary that separates Burma. It is a well preserved natural treasure. It is a secret get away into the deep jungle spread across a wide range of mountains and valleys. Today much to your surprise Mae Hong Son has a growing tourism friendly environment that hasn’t yet taken away its arcane beauty.  Enjoy lunch at local restaurant Read more [...]
Pai Tour

The Endless Charm of Thailand: Pai

Pai is a small town in northern Thailand, near the Myanmar border. Enter the Legend of Chiang Rai; a small yet heavenly beautiful village. Mountains Coated with the green of jungle, free flowing rivers, and discriminative native charm. Plunge into a local hot spring before you head for a local Thai lunch. This place is famous for its Buddhist temples with big statues of Buddha like “Wat Nam Hu and Wat Phra That Mae Yen”. As pristine as the place is equally generous and sensuous are its Read more [...]
Amphawa Rural Life

A Dreamy Escape @ Amphawa

Embrace a rural Thailand that is unlike Bangkok, bustling not on the city tunes. Amphawa cherises a life that is influenced by canals as it is located at the northwestern tip of Bay of Bangkok. Reach this little village not far from the chaos of Bangkok yet sustaining a calmer lifestyle, in a private shuttle from Bangkok. Once here our first stop is at the Mahachai market, Thailand’s largest sea food market. The fishermen boast of their   but visitors can find much more than seafood. The market Read more [...]
Hanoi Vietnam

Around Vietnam in 10 days!

Ho Chi Minh City formerly called as Saigon, was the capital city of Vietnam during the French colonisation and later during independent republic of South Vietnam from 1955–75. This historic city has a lot to offer from tourism point of view; for instance the History Museum and Presidential Palace or the Palace of Reunification which was also a former residence of the French governor and President of the Republic of South Vietnam. From here we head to the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a red brick building Read more [...]
City Tour Hanoi

The Everlasting Impressions of Vietnamese Vacation

While planning a trip, we always make a conscious effort to plan out of the box trips, vacations that create a mesmerizing impression on our minds. Hence Tours for U has brought you ‘Impressions of Vietnam’ which is a 6 Days-5 Nights trip that begins at the capital city of Hanoi.       As you land in this historical city, you are transported to a lavish multi star hotel. Get comfortable, rejuvenate yourselves and get ready for an afternoon of historical exploration. Hanoi reveals itself Read more [...]
Khmer Heritage Cambodia

Khmer heritage: Enlighten the Spirit of Cambodia

Khmer is one of the most popular and widespread ethnicity in Cambodia. Almost 90% of Cambodian population is Khmer people. So while you visit this nation pe prepare to get an overdose of ethnic Asian culture and Khmer traditions.  Witness the origin of this ancient kingdom, its art, culture and architecture at the Angkor National Museum.Cruise in Asia’s largest inland lake, the Tonle Sap Lake a tip to the lake is an insight to the submerged life of fishermen in floating village.  The trip takes Read more [...]
Myanmar Exploration

Myanmar Exploration: Nature’s Gift

Visiting Myanmar is incomplete without visiting its former capital and one of the most popular cities of the world Yangon, previously known as ‘Rangoon’. That is exactly why the tour begins with you landing in Yangon. Shake off the jet lag and freshen up in the luxurious Inya Lake Hotel. Yangon is a visual treat the city has a specific blend of old Asian architecture mixed with French influences a variety of museums, temples and markets. Travel in a domestic flight on the next day to Bagan, Read more [...]

3 Most Memorable Days In The ‘Siem’

Enter the world of exotic Far East! Cambodia has so far been a mystery to world. Cocooned away in rich natural resources this small country has evolved with time to catch up with globalization. Thus its is a tourist’s dream, as the beautiful east meets affluent west. The moment you arrive at Siem Reap Airport, you will be introduce to the hospitable Cambodians and their mouthwatering cuisine as you get chauffeured to the best luxury hotels. Food clams the body, but travel is about calming the Read more [...]