Death Railway River Kwai

Correcting the Past: Memorable River Kwai

If watching ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’ has created any impact on your minds then the Full Day TFU tour ‘Memorable River Kwai’ will make a lot of impression. Popular for its World War II history, River Kwai has given birth to war tourism in Thailand. The river originates in Tenasserim Hills. It flows the length of 380 kilometers and is one of Thailand’s most historic rivers. The bridge on this river which supports the Thai-Burma Death Rail echoes the harsh realities of World War II.

Railway Bridge River Kwai

It is called the ‘Death Rail’ because; in 1942 it was built by war slaves in extreme inhuman conditions under the Japanese control. More than half of the laborers died in this project.

Today the death rail provides the locals an easy and cheap means to travel. Fruit and vegetable vendors who walk up and down the aisles of the railway depend on it for their lively hood.

At present the River Kwai is far from carrying the dead and has become a tourist attraction with floating hotels and jungle rafts.

Death Railway MuseumMost tourists come here to pay their tributes to the war victims and martyrs. It reminds of the horrendous effects of war and how we need to learn from our mistakes. Yet visiting these locations may not be all that depressing and gloomy. Nature has grown wild here giving the place a scenic beauty. The friendly locals are forever ready to tell you a story and ask you yours. So open up, embark on this Thailand jaunts and take a ride on the death rail to witness warmth of humanity that only emerges from the mistakes of a dark past.

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