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Eventful Thailand: Authentic Home Krateng

Mangrove MonkeysRoll up your sleeves and plunge into the adventures of daily life of local Siamese with our one day tour ‘Authentic Home Krateng’. This trip is for those of you are the curious kinds, who want to indulge into the unusual. Cut the monotone of western cities and explore the much more authentic Thailand.

The popular closing umbrella market along the Mae Klong railway train station will come as a strange surprise to you. It’s much like an orchestrated performance as the hawkers snap close the tiny make shift shops under the umbrellas as and when a train appears and spread out again once it has passed.

Authentic Home KratengThe shops are so close to the tracks that this is the only way they can function. The Maeklong Railway Ltd. is as old as 1907. Although it doesn’t poses serious threat to the shopkeepers the relative risk makes the whole marketing experience a great thrill especially for tourists.

Oyster FarmFurther in this Jaunt enjoy lush green mangroves and oyster farms along the Mae Klong River. Make way through the calm Mae Klong on a boat into the local fishing community and the estuary to visit the mangroves swaps. The mangroves are home to the popular Asian macac monkeys. The monkeys swim in these mangroves offering tourist a glance or at times interacting with them as well. Further down the estuary towards the sea are the local oyster farmers cultivating their oysters. Indulge into some mouth watering seafood as there could be nothing better a scrumptious Asian sea food platter to end this eventful journey.

Thai Food CuisinePackage Highlights:

  • Mangrove / Monkeys
  • Oyster Farm
  • Seafood Lunch
  • Train Market

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