Happy Xmas

Explore & Experience Extraordinary Christmas!

When you hear Christmas, what is the instant picture formed in front of your eyes? Lots of snow, cold winter mornings, chocolate maple syrups, sweets, gifts, lights and decorations and of course the grand Christmas tree and Santa Clause are the undeniable charms of a jolly Christmas.  Christmas is a global festival and celebrated at a scale like no other festival. All though the main festival remains the same there are various versions and differences in the type of celebration as per the local preference and popular religion of the country.

The majority of people in the South East Asian countries are of Buddhist origin and yet Christmas is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Even if the typical snow is missing, shops and homes are decorated, gifts are distributed and visits to church mass and even temples are made.

Merry Christmas

It is a great pleasure to watch the world in a sense of harmony and celebrations. So the question is how do you plan to celebrate Christmas this year? Do you want to continue with the traditional or the exotic?

Why not celebrate the holidays at a real holiday destination? Why not gift your loved ones the experience of travel?

Tours For U urges you to celebrate not just Christmas but life too. Explore experience and live an extraordinary life as we make your travelling ambitions successful. We wish you a merry Christmas and a life full of love.

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