Heritage of Siam

Heritage of Siam: Magical Experience in the East.

Thailand can be best described as a mixing bowl, comprising of the new and old, west and east, glamour and tradition. Thailand is known for its beaches, nightlife in cities and of course the famous heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.        Ayutthaya - Wat Panunchoeng On the 1st day of this Thailand Odyssey begin with the most famous Thai heritage site, the lost city of Ayutthaya. It was the capital province of ancient Thailand known as Siam. This glorious province attracted foreign traders from across the globe. The glorious time of this Siamese kingdom existed from 1351 to 1767. The ruins of this lost city are the after effects of Burmese invasions. The ruins consists a big collection of ancient temples, including the former Royal Palace.

Chaiwattanaram AyutthayaThis tour is a treat for all the history buffs. If you find beauty in old broken down buildings and carvings, you have made a right decision to be here. Doi Tung - Boat at Don Xao Next up we move to the province of Lopburi originally known as Lavapura, “city of Lava” where ancient Khmer temples await you. Post a delicious Thai lunch break your excursion towards exploring ancient site continues in Sukhothai province, another ancient ruins site with many khamer temples.  Recline in the cozy luxury of your hotel at sundown as day 2 awaits you with more excitement. Sukhothai - Historical ParkThe 2nday morning as you start your journey, you cross the Sukhothai historical park, where the legendary 15 meter high “Speaking Buddha” exists.  It so happens that the Buddha image spoke the words “This war you will win” to the army led by King Naresuan. However, it seems to be a trick by the king himself to encourage his army. There is a ‘secret staircase’  at one side of the statue which leads to a small opening where one can speak without being seen by visitors in the temple and the sound amplifications  give the impression of Buddha speaking. It is said that King Naresuan selected a soldier to stand behind the Buddha and make a speech. With the Buddha figure appearing to talk directly to the troops it boosted the morale of Naresuan’s army.

Wat Srichum-Baan Sao NakPost lunch you then move towards Lampang and Baan Sao Nak, a famous teak wood house with over a hundred teak posts surrounding its facade. Wat PrasisanphetOn the 3rd day visit the royal project “Doi Tung”, before lunch stop at the hills of the Akha and Yao tribes. After this continue to the borders of the Golden Triangle uniting the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos by embarking along the Mekong River. On the 4th day discover Doi Wawee, famous for its exquisite tea plantations. Learn the tea process from beginning to end including ritualistic practice of tea tasting.

Doi Wawee - exquisite tea plantationsNext on the itinerary for the 5th day is Manathai Village in Chiang Mai awaiting tou with its charming Thai atmosphere. After a local lunch, trek up the famous hills of Doi Suthep Monastery for another spectacular vista. Doi Suthep MonasteryOn the 6th and the last day of this tour there is still plenty of action trail the unbeaten routes in the elephant camp and a short visit at local orchid farm in Chiang Mai. Savour your last chance on delicious Thai lunch before you set forth for Sankamphaeng for shopping at Thai handcraft products. Here you can collect some priceless memories in forms of souvenirs to remind you of a magical experience in the East.

Elephant Camp Chiang MaiHighlights

  • Ayutthaya – Wat Panunchoeng, Chaiwattanaram, Wat Prasisanphet, Phra Prang Sam Yod
  • Sukhothai – Historical Park (15 meter high Speaking Buddha), Wat Srichum-Baan Sao Nak, Lake Payao
  • Doi Tung – Boat at Don Xao (symbolic golden triangle of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand)
  • Doi Wawee – exquisite tea plantations
  • Road trip from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai
  • Doi Suthep Monastery
  • Chiang Mai – Elephant Camp – Orchid Farm – Local Lunch
  • Sankampang – shopping @ Handicraft Village

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