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Thailand is very popular as a tourist country that sometimes it makes me wonder do the natives feel like they are on a vacation forever. Maybe yes, maybe not. But in a country so dedicated to tourism none of your evenings will be boring and that is guaranteed.  The Rice Barge Boat Take out time from your busy schedule for one evening and set off for a truly romantic open air dinner cruise. If you are a visiting tourist this is perfect to calm yourself from all the rush of day tours.  Loy Nava Dinner Cruises Bangkok is one such mesmerizing tour. Native to South East Asia and quite popular mode of transport during the Golden Era, a Rice Barge is now aptly used for tourist cruises. It is perfect as it makes you feel that you are living the countries authentic culture.  This cruise drifts along the most historic part of the River of Kings, Chao Phraya River you pass en route such magnificent landmarks as the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Grand Palace and the display of the royal barges. You will see some of the oldest buildings in Bangkok, including some dating to the earliest Portuguese settlements in the capital. Experience the bustle of local villages and traders that live on the borders of this river.

Tradisional Thai CultureThe Rice Barge is named Tahsaneeya Nava, after the beautiful vistas that are encountered in this journey. It is made of solid hand-carved and polished golden teak and roof made from over one hundred thousand hand-split and woven bamboo skins. The boat oozes with traditional Thai culture and crafts. The guests receive warm welcome by traditionally attired hostesses with a rose-water sprinkling ceremony and jasmine garland, Scented cool towels for refreshing, traditional kim music on Thai xylophone and traditional Thai dancers as they enjoy delicious Thai cuisine on board.

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Enjoy hot and cold canapés and whetting aperitifs or cocktails. A select range of red, white and rosé wines is available from our bar list to accompany your main meal, one can also chose our house wine (to be purchased, available in glass or carafe). An amusing platter of authentic Thai desserts and fresh fruits followed by coffee or tea are a perfect after taste you would want. To book online this mesmerizing tour and gift your loved one the most memorable gift log on to http://toursforu.com/bestattractiondescription-loy-nava-dinner-cruises-bangkok.html OR you can send us enquiry email by filling below mentioned form:

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