Palazzo Phuket: The Glamorous Thailand

Palazzo Phuket: The Glamorous Thailand

Thailand is not just famous for its pagodas, beaches and Buddhism. This South East Asian country is Mecca for tourist in search of a wide range of experiences. Be it spiritual, relaxation, adventurous or glamorous. One such glamorous stop is the Palazzo Phuket Dinner and Show. The show comprises of 7 versatile performances; Mister Bo, Aleksandra, Zhao Kun, Andrea, Svetlana, Palazzo Band, Thai Traditional Dance.

Glamourous Thailand

Mister Bo De L’aventure:

It is an internationally popular show by the quirky and humorous Mr. Vladislav Bond. His routines are a series of visually captivating choreography with unusual equipment together with technical effects; this performance outperforms all the tricks of traditional circus thus making it a must watch. “Mister Bo De L’aventure” —has been on the best world stages, famous TV shows, biggest International Circus Festivals in Monte-Carlo, Paris and Tokyo.

Mister Bo De L’aventure

Aerial silk:

Aerial silk is a hypnotic show where our performer Aleksandra raises high and gives an airborne performance with enchanting music and feathery costume.


Zhao Kun:

Zhao Kun is a from world famous Dalian Art School, she performs a traditional Chinese circus art. She has performed internationally on European and Asian stages. Her charm and elegance makes the most complicated tricks look smooth.

Zhao Kun


Andrea is the slapstick comedian with a wit that will make the best of you speechless. The strong and powerful character occasionally becomes tender and defenseless in simple real life situations thus creating a heartwarming comedy that each one of us can relate to.



Call her the reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe as Svetlana looks and acts like the retro seductress. Her science defying acrobatics on Hollywood jives will make you fall in love with her. One look at Svetlana and you’ll think

svetlanaPalazzo Band:

The eccentric international band performs genres like Jazz and Dixieland to Swing, Latin and Classical! Get and electrified musical experience like never before.

palazzo band

Thai Traditional Dance:

“Rak Thai” meaning love Thailand is an impressive performance fusing traditional Thai glory with authentic Thai beauty.

Thai Tradisional Dance

So to book yourself a journey into glamorous Thai art and performance log on to OR you can send us enquiry email by filling below mentioned form:

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