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Heritage of Siam

Heritage of Siam: Magical Experience in the East.

Thailand can be best described as a mixing bowl, comprising of the new and old, west and east, glamour and tradition. Thailand is known for its beaches, nightlife in cities and of course the famous heritage sites recognized by UNESCO.        On the 1st day of this Thailand Odyssey begin with the most famous Thai heritage site, the lost city of Ayutthaya. It was the capital province of ancient Thailand known as Siam. This glorious province attracted foreign traders from across the globe. The Read more [...]
Golden Triangle Tented Luxury

Golden Triangle, A Luxury of Fine Nature.

The famous golden triangle is the triangular water body formed by the borders of three countries Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. It is a popular tourist destination. The tour starts with arriving late afternoon at a Camp Pier in Chiang Rai. Unpack in one of the most luxurious tents in the camp.  Experience the luxury in wilderness.  How can you not explore such a mystic environment? Take a stroll around the camp and witness a romantic sunset along with pre dinner drinks at Burma Bar and next follows Read more [...]
Vacation in Thailand

Vacation in style only in Thailand!

Bangkok is one those swanky Asian cities that has attracted westerners and tourist from across the globe.  Arrive to this city and experience the luxury of a five star hotel like a relaxing spa and a rejuvenating yoga lesson. In the evening, Siam Niramit awaits you with the exotic Thai heritage show. The show is performed on an enormous stage which is even listed in the Guinness World Records! With more than 100 performers, lavish costumes, stunning sets and enhanced special effects it is no doubt Read more [...]