Thai Cuisine in Junglee style

Thai Cuisine, Junglee style!

The mere mention of Thai food makes the best of us week in the knees and our mouth water. If you are craving to binge on authentic Thai delicacies and Thai tours by Tours For U is your gateway to heaven. We offer you more not just the cuisine but also a dramatic experience with the cuisine. Survival Jungle Cooking Thailand Dining luxuriously in a plush Thai restaurant, digging into delicious street food or being invited as a guest at a local household are the most obvious ways to get your hands on Thai food. We give you a unique out of the box trick of dining in the jungle.  Yes! Cook and eat delicious Thai food, jungleee style!

Junglee Cooking Banana LeavesOur full day trip called Survival Jungle Cooking will leave you completely exhilarated. Take a day off from the city cluster, from office or any other place that is killing the fun inside you. Rejuvenate your soul as you reconnect with your basic instincts; as you connect with nature. with the help of our English speaking tutor venture out into the jungle and learn to cook authentic Asian cuisine on open fire and with natural elements in camp style.

Jungle Cooking Open FlameCook in bamboo plates and banana leaves with natural spices and organic ingredients. We are sure this experience will help you on your next jungle expedition.

Junglee Cooking Bamboo

Tour Highlights:

  • Minimum 2 persons
  • Join Transfer included
  • Materials
  • English Speaking Teacher

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