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The Endless Charm of Thailand: Pai

Pai is a small town in northern Thailand, near the Myanmar border. Enter the Legend of Chiang Rai; a small yet heavenly beautiful village. Mountains Coated with the green of jungle, free flowing rivers, and discriminative native charm. Plunge into a local hot spring before you head for a local Thai lunch. This place is famous for its Buddhist temples with big statues of Buddha like “Wat Nam Hu and Wat Phra That Mae Yen”.

Elephant Camps Riding Pai Orchid Farm Pai

As pristine as the place is equally generous and sensuous are its resorts. Lodge and relax amidst the green mountains at the Legend of Chiang Rai resort.

Doi Suthep Bamboo Rafting Pai River

On the second day explore the silence of the mountains while a soft morning trek uphill. After the trek the adventure takes a slow twist. Relax on the back of an Asian elephant and invade this natural treasure, because its time for a lazy hour of elephant back riding. Post this cute break some exciting experiences are awaiting at the bamboo rafting in the local river. Float through the Pai river on a symbolic Asian bamboo raft.

Pai Hot Spring Trekking in Pai

It calls for a delicious lunch post all the exhilaration. So satisfy your taste buds once you have satisfied your adrenaline. The day isn’t over and neither is the fun; beheld the glitter and chaos of the night markets. An escorted trip to the most popular night markets of Pai is everything you could ask for and more. Buy the right products at the right price. Things like Asian spices, souvenirs local fashion, exclusive artifacts are a good catch at these markets. Sleep tight on the 2nd night as the next day we gear up to visit Chiang Mai for a quick sneak peek into the lives of Karen and Lisu tribes. These tribes are highly famous for their long necked women who wear a pile of neck rings and tribal face tattoos. On our route back home we stop at the elephant camps and picturesque orchid farms for a picture perfect end. Visit Thailand, visit Pai.

Wat Nam Hu  Wat Mae Yen

Package Highlights:

  • Elephant Camps, Orchid Farm, Local Lunch, Shopping, Doi Suthep
  • Trekking in Pai, 1 hour Elephant Riding, Bamboo Rafting along Pai River, Lunch Local, Visit Night Market
  • Enroute mountainous track from Chiang Mai to Pai, Pai Hot Spring, Lunch Local, Wat Nam Hu and Wat Mae Yen. Enroute we stop at the elephant camps and picturesque orchid farms

Night Market Pai

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