The silver lining of Chiang Mai

The silver lining of Chiang Mai

This is half day tour to Chiang Mai’s unique attraction. It’s the most culturally prominent province of Thailand.

Wat Sri Suphan translates to Silver Temple. The exterior of the temple is covered in silver panels. These are not just panels but intricately carved silver. The designs are a fine artistic depiction of Lord Buddha’s life events, the Asian jungles, elephants, clouds, etc.  Apart from the silver some parts of the temple is painted in bright hues of crimson, metallic blue, and gold where are some parts as an equally intricately carved woodwork and glass mosaics. The artist of Wat Sri Suphan might have perished but the art lives on. Next destination in our tour is the Wu Lai Silverware Village.   Wat SrisuphannWualai Village is a traditional centre of silverware artisans. The artisans time and again gift extraordinary silverware to the royal highness. This village is the ultimate place to find every possible object made of silver; regular items like jewelry and royal cutlery to unusual name plates, wall hangings and furniture.

Wat Pan TaoPost touring the shiny land of silver it’s time for yet another wat, “Wat Pan Tao”. It literally means “to increase 1,000 times. In 1875 King Inthawichayanon moved a teak building in the periphery of the temple as a chapel for lay people to pray in. The temple is house to several ancient Buddhist scriptures and memorabilia preserved over the years.

Buddha - Wat Pan TaoHighlights

  • Wat Srisuphan
  • Wu Lai Silverware Village
  • Wat Pan Tao


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