Vacation in Thailand

Vacation in style only in Thailand!

Bangkok is one those swanky Asian cities that has attracted westerners and tourist from across the globe.  Arrive to this city and experience the luxury of a five star hotel like a relaxing spa and a rejuvenating yoga lesson.

In the evening, Siam Niramit awaits you with the exotic Thai heritage show. The show is performed on an enormous stage which is even listed in the Guinness World Records!

With more than 100 performers, lavish costumes, stunning sets and enhanced special effects it is no doubt most stimulating experience.

Thai Heritage Show Siam Niramit   Thai Heritage Show Siam Niramit

Next morning we leave for The Golden Mount or locally known as the Wat Saket, that houses relic of the Buddha and then visit Chinatown. Hope on the peculiar tail boat to see human lifestyle in villages along the ‘River of King’ and enjoy a delicious Asian lunch at the local restaurant by the river.

Golden Mountain TempleOne cannot called his trip to Thailand complete is he doesn’t visit the Temple of Emerald Buddha and Grand Palace which is a mark of recognition for Bangkok. Enjoy the Evening with panoramic views around while sipping the cocktail at one of the tallest buildings in the city.

Grand Palace Emerald Buddha Temple Bangkok

Being in a set tour is not always rigid like this morning wander aimlessly exploring this City of Angels like a curios and enchanted kid. Wander off to Thai art and Cultural Museum, located just off the Sky Train line at National Stadium, Jim Thompson House, The temple of Reclining Buddha and much more.

Chiangdao Cave  Chiangdao Cave Chiang Mai

On the fourth day we set out on the road to reach Khao Yai. En route, we stop at Rangsit halls famopus for local vegetable stalls of watermelons, bananas and all sorts of tropical goodies. At Khao Yai Park a dreamy mountain resort, Kirimaya awaits you to check in. unload relax and replenish at the resort befor the nightfall.  As the night falls a safari vehicle will pick you up to the National Park for a brings you a thrilling experience where you will witness the night life of jungle; hundreds of bats emerging from caves to hunt, lucky encounter with some “residents” of the park: tigers, leopard cats, deer, elephants, gibbons, pythons, cobra, giant black squirrels, porcupines, and more.

Museum Housing Finest Khmer Art

Next day we head to Korat, visit the statue of the courageous Thao Suranari who has a rich history and saved the city from attackers. The famous Angkor Wat, wasn’t the first of its kind, Prasat Hin Pimai was built before to serve as a model to its architects. It is now a museum housing the finest pieces of Khmer art found in Thailand. You must have had authentic Thai cuisine at many places but not under the oldest and largest tree called Sai Ngam (Banyan Beauty). After lunch, we set out to explore Wat Pa Lak Roy, an original temple with an exhibition of colorful animal’s sculptures, scenes of daily life and many religious symbolic statues producing the animated eerie sounds.

Elephant Riding Chiang Mai

On the 6th day a domestic flight takes us to Chiang Mai. In Chiang Mai check in to the most sought after resort The Chedi, on the banks of Ping River. Enjoy a special Northern Lanna style lunch at local restaurant; visit the craft villages of Baan Tawai which are the main centers of wood carving and wooden handicrafts. Don’t forget to pick a memorable and artistic piece as memory.

Chiang Mai - Baan Tawai Elephant CampStep out early the following day for an elephant camp in Chiang Dao. Enjoy the company of blissful nature while elephant riding through the jungle, a trek to remote village of Lisu hill tribe and bamboo rafting in Ping River. Explore the caves of Chiang Dao post lunch ant return to the safety and luxury of five-star resort my sun down.

Bamboo Rafting Chiang Mai  Bamboo Rafting in Chiang Mai

Last but not the least! On the last day of your extravagant and adventurous trip to Bangkok do something far from extravagant and adventurous. Wake up early morning to watch the procession of monks in the streets collecting the alms. Calm your soul and earn your blessings.

Khao Yai National Park  Khao Yai National Park

Head to the mountains surrounding Chiang Mai valley and housing Doi Suthep. Doi Suthep is the one of the most sacred temple in Chiang Mai and contains a holy relic of Lord Buddha. Soak in the  panoramic views of the city from the mountain top. After that continue towards the monument dedicated to Khru Ba Srivichai, one of the most famous Lanna monks of this century.  Take his blessings before you head back to a transformed new happy life.

Doi Suthep Temple  Staircase To Doi Suthep Temple

Tour Highlights:

  • Thai heritage show ‘Siam Niramit’
  • Temple of the Golden Mountain
  • China town – Klong Tour – Lunch by the river
  • Grand Palace, Temple of Emerald Buddha
  • Khao Yai – sightseeing and Night Safari
  • Pimai – museum housing the finest Khmer art, Lunch under the oldest and largest tree -Sai Ngam (Banyan Beauty), Wat Pa Lak Roy
  • Chiang Mai – Baan Tawai, Elephant camp – Elephant riding, Bamboo rafting, Chiangdao Cave
  • Chiang Mai – procession of monks collecting Alms – Doi Suthep temple

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