Happy Friendship Day

While Everyone Is Busy Counting the Number of Stones, True Friends Are Busy Changing the Stones into Diamonds

friendship-dayTravel is a gift to mankind. Unfortunately we have underestimated its value and its potential to bring us all possible forms of happiness. Travel gives us knowledge, memorable experiences, success, peace and much more. But what travel truly gives us is a true friend. Our fellow travelers quite obviously become our friends but more than that as a traveler sometimes we meet people, hosts who give us a glimpse of their life, who shower us with their hospitality for nothing in return but a promise of friendship. Great souls have formed acquaintances through their traveling endeavors. These acquaintances have turned into lifelong friendships and a nurturing relationship. Friendship is a sort of relation that nurtures the soul and mind of a person than his body. Above all, while travelling we discover ourselves and as they say “One’s best friend is oneself.” Travelling allows us to befriend ourselves. Happy Friendship DayToursForU has designed such tours that allow you to travel as an explorer of life. Meet new people; learn from them about their life. Share with them about your life. Allow your soul and mind to be nurtured and humanity to expand. Explore Asia’s best travel destinations. Make friends in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam.

This friendship day do something different, go to a new place, make new friends and explore life. Happy Friendships Day.

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